Environmental Impact of Tankless Electric Water Heaters

Is a Tankless Electric Water Heater Better for the Environment?

These days everyone is aware of their carbon footprint and wants to be eco-friendly enough to say that they at least attempted to leave behind a somewhat greener planet for their kids. So is a tankless electric water heater more environmentally friendly than other types of water heaters and could a tankless electric water heater be the solution you need to lower your carbon footprint?

tankless-electric-water-heater1First and foremost ask yourself, “Do I really need hot water all the time, even if I’m not at home?” Chances are the answer to the internal struggle you might have going on, is no. This wastes on average about 20% of your monthly household energy use. Basically these tankless water heaters safeguard your monthly energy usage.

The difference between a conventional water heater and a tankless electric water heater:
A normal water heater has a tank that is always filled with water and is constantly being heated up to a usable temperature. Because standard water heaters are always heating water in your home, they provide your home with hot water whenever you need it and even when you don’t.

tankless electric water heater works by means of a coil system that is activated and begins to heat whenever you open your hot water taps. As the cold water passes over the aforementioned coil system, it becomes instantly heated. With tankless electric heaters you can choose the temperature at which it is set to heat your water – this will determine the heat of the coils as the water passes over it. This will then affect the speed of the water as it passes over the coils as well as the warmth of the water.

Tankless electric water heaters safeguard energy by only heating the exact amount of water you will be using at any moment in time and only when needed. These devices are highly suited to holiday homes as they reduce the risk of a normal tank leaking and you never have to worry about switching it off and on again every time you visit – there is no waiting period for your water to reheat if you’re visiting after a long time. These are also a lot smaller and save space, and some brands can even be placed outside the home.

There are environmental pros to having an electric tankless water heater, such as the energy efficiency aspect, although you will be spending some money to get it. If you analyze the long-term benefits, however, you’ll see you save both money and water. These water heaters also have a longer lifespan in comparison to normal water heaters that only last between 10 – 12 years on average. Electric tankless water heaters can last for approximately 20 years. The greatest advantage is the lack of space or ventilation required to install it and the size means that less energy and resources are used to make them.

Amidst the growing global concern for global warming, which has made the general population more aware of the environmental impact of burning and utilizing fossil fuels, you, as a consumer, are encouraged to reduce your carbon footprint for the benefit of future generations. Bear in mind that switching to any alternate source or type of water heater is better for the environment than conventional heaters. Switching to an electrictankless water heater is the best possible choice you can make.


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