Let’s Push the RESET button and Remodel

Remodel ResetThe biggest trend in home design going into 2016 is personalization, fitting the house to the needs of each member of the family. Remodeling this year is all about tailoring your home to fit your lifestyle.

The three parts of the home drawing the most attention are bedrooms, kitchens and get-away spaces, either in the home itself or standalone space on the property.

Convenient Bedrooms with Plenty of Storage

Adults and children spend a good deal of their time in their bedrooms and remodeling trends reflect this. Homeowners want spacious master bedrooms, with dressing areas and a bathroom within the space. They want to walk just a few steps to find everything they need for relaxation and grooming.

The biggest request is for lots of storage space in the form of built-in drawers and cabinets and walk-in closets. For children’s rooms, parents want toy space, shelving for books and areas to display hobbies. Upgrading for the plethora of electronics is also a primary demand when it comes time to a home remodel.

Requests for bathroom upgrades in the master bedroom involve spa-like conveniences, turning a utilitarian room into a peaceful retreat. Additions to bathroom in average homes include extra-big tubs, enough space for a chair and long counters.

Open, Light-Filled Kitchens

Kitchens have always been the one room in the home where owners are willing to spend the most money for remodels. Modern homeowners are asking for kitchen remodels that include spacious, airy kitchens, even if it means removing a wall or adding windows.

Another big trend in kitchen design is extra-large islands with sinks and cutting areas for food prep, stovetops for cooking, counter area for eating and stools for sitting.

With the increasing popularity of pets, many homeowners are asking for amenities for their furry friends. In the kitchen, dog doors, also suitable for cats, are just the beginning. Feeding stations in the kitchen and pet bathing areas in the utility room are also common.

Getaway, But Not Too Far

There is a trend for rooms made just for concentrated work and private downtime. Converting an extra bedroom into a study or home office fits in with the work-from-home movement. When doing their job, adults can lock the door and focus on work. The preference is for lots of light, bright colors and as much storage as possible.

There is also a trend for bigger children’s playrooms, with desks and electronic capability for homework, games and their digital social life. For younger children, requests are for lots of floor space and child-accessible places to put toys.

The tiny home movement is making itself felt among homeowners with enough room in their yards. Old sheds and garages are being remodeled into home offices and getaways. Outside the main house and actually just steps away, they have the feel of tiny cottages in the country. People are requesting these miniscule structures in a wide range of designs, including western cottages, New England clapboard and bungalows.

Customization is the big trend for remodeling design in 2016. What that means is designing your space to suit your needs, instead of the other way around.

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