You’ve Moved! Now, Organize your new home

Organize Your Home, Organize Your Life!
moveYou’ve unpacked a few boxes. But there’s no rhyme or reason—you stashed toiletries with Christmas ornaments and spices with tools. That’s okay. You were meaning to get organized, and now that you’ve been in your home a few months, it’s time. You’re no Martha Stewart, but you have it in you to organize your belongings so that you can find a battery when the flashlight’s dead and a fingernail clipper when there’s a hangnail.

Here’s what to do.

Tackle One Room at a Time

Don’t take on the whole house and all of your boxes at once. If you haven’t already, place boxes in rooms according to which room they came from in your old house. If you have a busy schedule—who doesn’t?—make a plan to tackle one room per weekend.

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Whatever you do, don’t take the “out of sight, out of mind” approach and clog your garage and attic with unmarked boxes. You’ll regret it in five years when you have to move again. Either unpack and distribute the contents in appropriate rooms or donate the goods to charity. Save your storage space for seasonal décor and family mementos in labeled boxes.

Think Visibility, Accessibility, Flexibility

They’re the three tenants of organization. You’re more likely to use what you can see and easily access. Be open to reconfiguring and reorganizing storage spaces based on your family’s evolving needs.

Invest in a Few Smart Storage Solutions

  • Closet Organizer:Install a modular system that can be reconfigured as needs change.
  • Shelves:Go vertical and take advantage of more space. Place what you use often at arm’s reach and the other stuff on higher shelves.
  • Folders: Use color-coded folders in your home office when filing bills, important documents and projects.
  • Bins:Transparent storage bins mean you don’t have to open to know what’s inside. Label other bins you can’t see through.

Space-Saving Organization Tips by Room

  • Kitchen:Stack teacup and saucer sets on top of one another. Place olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper on top of a cake stand to free up counter space. An over-head pot rack means more cupboard space. A magnetic strip for knife storage puts cutlery at arm’s reach for easy cooking.
  • Pantry:Store grains and cereals in see-through modular stacking containers. If you don’t have ample shelves, invest in a simple shelving system that will allow space for bulky or awkwardly sized objects. Over-the-door pocket organizers allow for even more storage.
  • Bathroom:Your medicine cabinet should contain only the items you use regularly; chuck outdated medicine and store bulk supplies elsewhere. Use a basket or plastic bin to keep all hair products in one manageable place. Install hooks, rings or bars if you lack appropriate towel storage. A caddy will help declutter the shower and make cleaning easier.

Welcome to life outside the box.



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